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The July issue of Classic Bike magazine is out now!

Welcome to the new issue of Classic Bike:

We had three great events in two weekends this month. Two of them might not be construed as classic gigs but featured a high level of bikes we love: the MCN Festival at Peterborough, followed by the Kempton Southern Classic and The Bike Shed gig at Tobacco Dock. The MCN Show had lots of  CB-style content. Kempton featured a traditional classic and vintage show, with lots of club stands and neat bikes. Then there was the Bike Shed, thoroughly modern in concept and preserve of the über-cool, fashionista, new-wave bikers who are driving the scene and full of brilliant, modified classics. These events, for me, highlighted the continuing breadth of interest in classics and there’s a whole lot more to look forward to. Previews start on page 22.This month I’ve had the special privilege of getting up close and personal with a TE Lawrence rep Brough – and spent a day hanging out with Ian Johnston and Pete Ashmore and their lovely BSA A65s. There’s also a look back at how the Triumph Cooperative was formed, Naishy’s Swedish road trip on Italian classics, and a celebration of John Hobbs’ Hobbit drag bike.

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