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The December issue of Classic Bike magazine is out now!

The November issue of Classic Bike magazine is out nowWelcome to the new issue of Classic Bike:

One thing’s really struck me while working on CB in the past couple of wonderful months. In fact it’s repeatedly struck me, like a fish to the face: the joie de vivre associated with owning an old bike leaves every other interest I know looking sullen, serious and silly. From the period adverts we’ve been putting on our Facebook page to the experts we’ve been profiling for the mag; the experiences we read about in your letters and emails and the stories that are our stock-in-trade – it’s not like modern bikes, where everyone’s secretly afraid they’re not going fast enough, or golf where you never leave the treadmill of your handicap, or cars where the money never stops talking. Old bikes let their riders off the performance hook, they all have the potential to look amazing and nobody’s kidding anyone there’s something to be gained drawing an us-versus-them line through society. For too long motorcycling was hijacked by riders in dark visors, selfish and solitary on their sportsbikes. But motorcycling is a good thing for the world, and the love of classic bikes is here to prove it. What better tool to get recruiting than with this issue’s stack of mouthwatering metal?

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