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The May issue of Classic Bike magazine is out now!

Welcome to the new issue of Classic Bike:

Ideally we’d have offered a scratch-and sniff cover mount to compliment our Blue Haze Two-Stroke issue – but unfortunately the technology allowing the impregnation of a heady aroma of burnt pre-mix onto paper is not available to us. Our two-stroke issue theme focuses on the back-to-back road test of the 500 and 750 Kawasaki triples and asks whether bigger really is better – and whether they live up to the lairy reputations they forged in the 1970s. We’ve got a comparison of an early Scott twin with a 1970s Silk, both of them using water-cooled, parallel-twin engines, both very much superbikes of their respective eras. And then there’s the almost unheard-of 500GP two-stroke twin that Harley-Davidson produced in the 1970s. OK, it wasn’t a real Harley. Not a thundering V-twin from Milwaukee anyway. But it was an intriguingly innovative motorcycle, developed by the Harley-owned Aermacchi team – with a roadster version planned for the future. Imagine how the future might have been shaped had the Motor Co continued developing that little project!
Plus free with this month's issue is our 44-page custom classic magazine dedicated to the beauty of the customised classic from cafe racers to trackers and everything in between and you can win £500 of Urban Rider gear to kit yourself out -enter here.

To find out more about  what else is in this issue, visit our magazine page.   Enjoy the issue!

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