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The January issue of Classic Bike magazine is out now!

The January issue of Classic Bike magazine is out nowWelcome to the new issue of Classic Bike:

There’s something fascinating and utterly endearing about the madcap tech-heads who build bikes to race on the salt flats at Bonneville. It’s an indomitable spirit to succeed at any cost – as anyone who has seen Bert Munro’s life depicted in the film The World’s Fastest Indian will appreciate. John Renwick is Britain’s Bert Munro, an extrovert engineer with an unending lust for speed. What’s especially impressive is that, at the age of 76, he still has the enthusiasm of a teenager let loose on a fast bike for the first time. In a modern world of motorcycle racing blighted by microchips and laptops, Bonneville (and other straight-line speed events) evokes the pioneering spirit of bygone times. The same pioneering spirit also drives almost 100 hardy souls to take part in a crazy 17-day, 4000-mile ride across the States. Maybe no big deal on modern motorcycles – but on vintage motorcycles it’s another story. It’s the Motorcycle Cannonball Run, on which men and machine are
pushed to absolute limits. While most of us would never contemplate Bonneville or the Cannonball, the stories of those who are willing to challenge themselves and their bikes inspire many of us to do more with our classics.
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