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Welcome to the new issue of Classic Bike:

‘Never meet your heroes’ is a piece of oft-cited philosophy that has filtered into received wisdom – usually circulated by those disappointed that their personal gods have feet of clay.

But from my recent personal experience, it’s a tenet that shouldn’t be applied to motorcycles. This month, I got the chance to ride a Ducati 900SS, Moto Guzzi Le Mans and Laverda Jota – bikes I’ve lusted after for over three decades – on a gloriously sunny day in Sussex.

I admit, I was worried that they wouldn’t live up to 30-odd years of pent-up anticipation. But each one exceeded my expectations by a country mile and contributed towards a day I’ll never forget.

So don’t steer clear of models that you’ve craved from a distance, just to avoid possible disappointment – if you get the chance to experience them fi rst-hand, embrace it with open arms.

Elsewhere in this issue, we mingle with the great and the good (in terms of people and machinery) at Goodwood, and we preview the Classic TT – both events at which the stars mingle with the public. So give the Classic TT a go and maybe visit the Festival of Speed next year – you may fi nd that your heroes are just as cool as you hoped they’d be...

Mark Holmes, production editor





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