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This month we meet Dick Shepherd, a one-man Triumph museum, with what is surely the world's largesy private collection of its kind, with over 300 motorcycles and still going strong.


We compare the new Royal Enfield Continental GT with its 1960's namesake and ask whether at a touch over £5k if it lives up to the original and we find out how Paul Wingert restored his Kawasaki H2 for £6,00.


Next year, it will be 60 years since the great John Surtees contested over 90 races in one season, winning 68 of them and leaving no one in any doubt that Grand Prix racing had a new star. We take a look back at the season that would set him on the path to winning seven world championships and the bikes that made it happen.



The BIG features in this month's Classic Bike...

Suzuki Vstrom to Japan

Timeless Triumph masterpieces
Dick Shepherd has amassed the world's greatest hoard of rare and significant Triumphs. We take a look at the highlights of his 300-strong collection.

Suzuki Vstrom to Japan

1966 v 2014: Royal Enfield Continental GT
The 1960's original was a racer-aping 250 beloved of learners with a list for speed. Its 2014 namesake is a cafe racer offering classic style without the hassle for just over £5k, and it's proving a sales success. So, which is for you?


John Surtees: New kid on the block

New kid on the block
In 1955 John Surtees contested nearly 90 races, won 68 and left no one in any doubt that Grand Prix racing had a new star.


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