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The June issue of Classic Bike magazine is out now!

Welcome to the new issue of Classic Bike:

The sun's been out for weeks and out of the four complete bikes in my shed, not one of them is yet rideable; but were getting there and the journey has been both fun and educational!
The Matchless is wired up (final instalment in this issue), but I now need to buy a new fuel tank, as ethanol has done its best to melt the fibreglass internals.
 I've also just bought a 76 Tiger 750, which is being recommissioned (also inside) and is only a few weeks from being ready to ride. Well forget my two modern bikes...
In the meantime, it's been fun working on this latest issue. Being mechanically inept, I've farmed out my bikes-but Rick has been flat out, spannering the CB project Continental GT250 and is now planning a shopping trip to Hitchcocks.
And Gez has been busy riding. There's a wonderful jewel-like quality to the tiny Italian four-stroke roadster-based singles that continue to compete in the Moto Giro- as Gez discovered when he met up with a bunch of like-minded enthusiasts for a days riding around the Kentish back lanes. And the Honda Ascot tracker he rode is equally jewel-like - but in a very different way to the Italian singles.
Plus free with this month's issue we have a fantastic double-sided Norton Classics poster.

Enjoy the issue!


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