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The March issue of Classic Bike magazine is out now!

The January issue of Classic Bike magazine is out nowWelcome to the new issue of Classic Bike:

Winter in Classic Bike land has meant looking at weather forecasts, trying to judge when the sun might stay out just long enough to give a bit of dry road that will present a) decent conditions to get some kind of meaningful feedback for a road tester and b) pictures that do justice to the motorcycle. The biking gods must have been smiling when Rupert Paul swung his leg over Jim Hodges’ superb Triton (see page 56). Almost perfect conditions meant he could experience the joys of a classic motorcycle that has been given modifications that have taken it beyond a traditional café racer and into the modern era – without any trade-off in classic style. The sun also shone obligingly on our CB750 vs CB500 test, too, allowing John Naish to weigh up whether less can be more – or if size really is everything. But spring is just around the corner. How do we know this? When it’s time to fill in the diary and plan your riding season. That’s what we’ve been doing this month – selecting shedloads of great events, big and small, for our annual Events Guide feature. Planning a classic summer is the first step to shaking off the winter blues. Have fun.


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