September 2017

It takes commitment to ride motorcycles, especially old ones, but there are several people in this issue who take commitment beyond the limit. Like Ian Loram, whose interest in classic bikes started late – and thanks to his wife, who insisted on him getting hobby – but has become an almost obsessive passion for the Norton marque.

Then there’s Ralph Avis who simply refused to give up on a project that seemed destined to failure – his dedication in restoring his Rickman Suzuki T500 overcame numerous stumbling blocks before it became the sparkling café race you see on the cover. And Frank Chatokhine’s determination to build a Trackmaster BSA that David Aldana would have demanded for this AMA Championship challenge, had the technology been available at the time. Or even Bjorn Eriksson, who has spent countless hours perfecting an old Knucklehead Harley to turn nine-second runs on the dragstrip...

The classic world is full of committed characters in pursuit of pleasure from old bikes. We salute you all.

Enjoy the issue.


What's inside this issue of Classic Bike......

Rickman Suzuki restoration

One man's quest from crusty to concours...

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Hailwood's back

Castle Coombe hosted a flock of Mike the Bike's old rides, as well as his son, to mark the anniversary of the great man's first race at the circuit.

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Evil Mother

A Harley Knucklehead dragster that has done a nine-second quarter mile

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