September 2016

This month’s issue is built around Johnny Allen’s land speed record with a Triumph powered streamliner at Bonneville in 1956. That privateer effort 60 years ago prompted Triumph to launch the pre-unit twin-carb T120 – and we look back not only the background to Allen’s famous record runs, but also to the politics behind the new street bike that took the Bonneville name and the later launch of the unit-construction twin.

Also in this issue we celebrate Brian Chapman’s success on his Vincent powered Mighty Mouse and Super Mouse that were such a feature of the ’70s drag racing scene; we cast an eye of three of the Suzuki 500 two-strokes that helped form Barry Sheene’s legendary racing career; and there’s a look back on Peter Williams’ success with the John Player Norton monocoque in 1973. Peter is going to be the of the guests of honour at our Classic Bike Live show at the Peterborough Arena on October 29/30.

Enjoy the mag

Gary Pinchin


Inside this issue...

The mighty mouse

Speed. Super strength. Invulnerability. Brian Chapman’s Vincent-powered drag bikes a lid waste to the goliaths of straight-line racing in the 1970s.

Turner and the Bonnie

Although he accepted the ’59 T120 with reticence, Triumph’s managing director was one of the driving forces behind the later unit-construction version in 1963.



The greatest?

Picking the best T120 Bonnie ever is as difficult as choosing Muhammad Ali’s finest fight. These three are right up there.