May 2019

I’ve been lucky enough to have spent time working with Dougie Lampkin in the past, but it was always centred around trials events that he was competing in or serious interviews about his chosen sport. He’s always been engaging, quick-witted, but also totally, utterly professional. It was business.

But him inviting us along to see some of his bike collection to share with you was an entirely new experience. The first surprise was the bikes themselves. I presumed that he’d be presenting us with rows and rows of trials bikes – let’s face it, his family is steeped in the sport’s history... and they created a fair chunk of it themselves as well. But what we were greeted by was road bikes – British ones, and bikes Dougie had never let on about before.

Secondly, this was Dougie relaxing in his own back yard, as it were. Yes, he still remembered to name-check sponsors, and cut the professional, toothy grin for the camera, but he was totally at ease and the typical photographer request of ‘just one more shot’ was met with total enthusiasm because it meant yet another blast on an old bike.

Thirdly, the banter was first class and constant, all day long. After about ten hours of him working non-stop – moving bikes, riding bikes, and taking the Mickey – I thanked Dougie for his efforts. “It’s no bother at all,” he said, “It’s great fun this, dicking about with bikes!”

With that, he kicked his B44 back into life and ripped up the road yet again, with a big, cheesy grin on his face. After all the years spent riding bikes for a living, here was a 12-time world champion getting the same buzz from riding an old British banger that the rest of us do.

Gary Pinchin, Editor

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