May 2017


May issue already? I’ve only just got round to ordering gaskets and an oil filter from Shropshire Classic Motorcycles for my Tiger 750. My Sportster fuel pipe leak turned out to be a fractured carb body. And my Matchless fuel tank is languishing in a paint shop somewhere in Norfolk. But while my organisation skills have let me down badly, and I’ve been missing quality riding time in the spring sunshine, the rest of the classic world seems to have burst into blossom with a bang. Racers blew out the cobwebs with a superb showing at the Goodwood 75th Members meeting.

Sandshifters had a ton of fun in the Sellicks Beach Races in South Australia. George Greenland told us of his plans to head to Europe for a few weeks of classic trails – at 84! Our Gez grabbed a test ride on a Ducati 750GT – the Italian V-twin of his dreams. Duckers had a spin on a Brough Black Alpine. And Rick has been flat out in this shed. Enjoy their stories – and the welcoming warmth of the spring sunshine.

Enjoy the issue

Gary Pinchin



After a break of 60 years, beach racing returned to one of Australia’s most famous venues. And the sellout crowd loved it.




Ducati’s first V-twin is an overlooked gem. We take a closer look at the 750GT.





It may be a model from Brough’s dark side, but the Black Alpine shines as a rare treat to ride bikes for road riders.