July 2017

Classic bikes need a fettle every now and again, so we felt it was time to give the mag one, too. We’ve tweaked the front end to cover a wider range of bikes, people and events. We’ve also given more prominence to Rick’s much-loved workshop section – and kept the engine strip and specialist favourites.

Features-wise, we wanted to keep the same wide variety, so we’ve got a three-bike Suzuki triple comparison plus a wild girder-forked Gold Star. The classic world is full of characters, and Glen English stands out not just as one of the top classic racers in the world but also one of the most talented model makers and sculptors of two-wheeled machines.

British bike shops with real history are relatively plentiful in the UK... but in Greece? We found a BSA dealership in Athens that is celebrating its 100th anniversary. And we’ve got events, with comprehensive coverage of the Donington Endurance and the
Quail Gathering, which highlight the diversity of the classic world we love so much.

Enjoy the read!

What's inside this month


XRT Pepo's BSA might be a thinly-disguides Triumph, but this latest gem from the man in Madrid evokes great British racing heritage beautifully.


Girder Goldie

This Gold Star was built by a man who's owned a few and wanted to make one that was more rideable and more fun. Sacrilege or superb? You decide...


Beyond the powerband

Suzuki's triples are more civilised than other peaky '70s strokers. In a first-ever group test of the GT380, 550 and 750 we judge which one's the best.