February 2019

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I remember taking a quick spin on Dave Hide’s CB750 – he was the first Honda four-cylinder owner among our local ‘gang’ of biking mates. There must have been 12-15 of us and this was the first Japanese multi to infiltrate what was, until then, an exclusively Brit-bike tribe.

Dave had part-ex’d his glorious 850 Commando for it and was extolling the CB’s virtues. I can remember acting in complete denial of the new Honda’s capabilities: electric starter, turbine smooth power, and disc front brake. I told him you only had a right leg for kickstarting bikes, the motor vibrated more than his Norton, and the front brake was wooden.

Of course, I lied. Owning a Triumph TR6, I felt honour-bound to defend the flag. In truth, I was totally envious of his new bike and, having ridden one, realised why all the bike mags at the time raved about it.

Hard to imagine that was almost 50 years ago... but what a special feeling being able to curate the content for this latest issue. Enjoy.

Gary Pinchin, editor

Gypsy Trails by GP_1500.jpg

Gypsy Trails

Three old boys take three old British singles down Kentish greenlanes for a splendid day’s riding…

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Enduring Legacy

Japauto’s 1000VX took the CB750 to another level of power and speed – in endurance racing and on the road

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Kwak Flashback

In an excerpt from his book Lean, Mean and Lime Green, ex-Kawasaki race team manager Randy Hall recalls the days when Kawasaki’s two-stroke H2Rs made a big noise in American racing