February 2017

Time certainly does fly. Who can believe it’s 40 years since Suzuki produced the first Japanese superbike that actually handled? And to see if the GS750 really was as good as we remembered, we lept at the chance to borrow Ian Grundy’s original example. Ian’s owned the bike from new – he bought it back in March 1977 – so we won’t get a better chance to assess the virtues of Suzuki’s first four..

We’ve taken another route to find out what old bikes were like when they were brand new. Canadian Michael Schacht has relaunched the fabled Crocker brand, and Alan Cathcart was the lucky man to try out the 2016 version of the mighty V-twin – a faithful copy of the original – for CB. But, whether you ride a new, old bike like the Crocker, an old bike that looks as new as Ian’s Suzuki, or a traditional Brit twin like the Enfield and Ariel restos, time still marches on at a seemingly ever-faster pace. Don’t waste it. Get on your bike and ride.

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Gary Pinchin


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Forty years ago, Suzuki ditched the GT750 and launched their first four-stroke four – the GS750, a big multi with quality handling. We tried this one-owner example for size.



The 2017 Classic TT celebrates 60 years since the first ton-up lap on a Gilera four. We look at the Kays' replica that's joining the party...


Essex restorer Glenn Campbell dares us to look beyond the obvious for a different parallel-twin experience.