February 2016

Classic Bike February 2016 issue

I got my licence in 1970. My first bike was a Bantam, but I aspired to a Bonneville - its looks and its history on road and track fuelled the dream of owning one. But for most young guys into bikes back then, aspirations changed dramatically with the advent of the 'superbike'.

From chasing the magic ton on Brit twins, the new wave of motorcyclists were tempted by multi-cylinder machines that were faster than a bullet, more powerful than god - and almost as evil as the devil.

Compared to decades of small, incremental updates offered by British manufacturers, development of Japanese machines took place at warp speed. And it wasn't just production bikes. It seemed that every week new stories emerged of bonkers bikes and bonkers ideas - all in the pursuit of more horsepower, more speed and more thrills from the new breed of two-wheeled projectiles.

This issue serves to celebrate some of those crazy developments - and bikes built today in the spirit of that era, like Garry Laurence's Featherbed-framed Benelli Sei or Cornelis Dees' Laverda V6 race replica. Proof that rampant excess lives on for those driven by a passion for bikes.

Enjoy the issue.

Gary Pinchin, Editor           

Inside this issue...

Dutch courage

It took 10 years of determined effort for Cornelis Dees to ensure the world is graced with a second Laverda V6 in running order.


Six in a bed...

Not some grim Victorian doss-house, but the latest Anglo-Italian fusion from the inventive Garry Laurence.

Adrenaline Boost

With kick-in-the-guts acceleration and tipped as a collectable cult-in-the- making, '80s turbo bikes are about to take off. Hold on tight...