December 2018

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There’s nothing quite like it. When I was a youth, my dad took me to the first-ever truck Grand Prix at Donington Park in 1984. Barry Sheene was driving a DAF, a Leyland did a lap on two wheels, and 130,000 people attended – a circuit record, the traffic chaos caused East Midlands airport to shut. However, what made by far the biggest impression was Finnish stunt rider Arto Nyquist doing rolling burnouts, vertical light-smashing wheelies and skiing in clogs behind his Kawasaki Z1300.

It was the most amazing thing I’d ever seen. I’ve had a squidgy spot for the Z1300 ever since, however riding Tony Keele’s super-clean Kwak was my first taste. The luxurious six-cylinder 120bhp beast didn’t disappoint – there’s simply nothing like the sensation and sound of a glorious six. You can read all about it on page 48.

This special issue is loaded with other six-cylinder wonders. Gez gets reaquainted with the most famous six of all time, Honda’s CBX and we’ve got tests of the most exotic sixes ever created – Honda’s RC166 and Laverda’s epic V6. Lots of other great metal as well, including a push-button Velocette, Royal Enfield twins, plus my antics on a 1927 Francis-Barnett – about as far from the Z1300 as you can get.

Enjoy the issue.
Mike Armitage, executive editor

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Heavy Duty

Motorcycles don't get any more imposing than Kawasaki's behemoth Z1300 - and they don't get much more luxurious either

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Number of the Best

It's 40 years since Honda's bold six-cylinder CBX caused a showroom sensation. Can the big smoothie still teach us a thing or two?

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Riding the Honda Six

Very few people have been fortunate enough to sample Honda's 250cc six-cylinder RC166-F-102 racer. This is what it feels like…