December 2017

Classic Bike December 2017 is going fast!

Ever since the motorcycle was invented, people have been trying to go faster – on the roads, around the race track, at the drag strip and on the beaches or the salt flats. Speed drives motorcyclists and this issue celebrates our need for it. Our two-bike road test features two modern takes on the timeless café racer – both built by John Mossey to incredibly exacting standards, they represent the best of the ’70s era of British bikes. One of them’s a Maney Norton engine in a replica Featherbed, the other’s a tuned Trident motor in a modified Rickman replica frame.

We also ride one of the fastest production roadsters of the ’70s – a Laverda Jota. But there’s a wealth of other machines designed purely to extract maximum speed: a Honda CBX six that goes vintage superbike racing Down Under, a wild 1900s Brooklands replica with a two-litreplus V-twin engine, a supercharged Gilera that ran 170mph back in the ’30s and the tale behind Gene Romero’s audacious 157mph qualifying lap for the 1970 Daytona 200.

This month's issue comes with a gift guide and your free 2018 Wall planner. 

Enjoy the speed reading!

Gary Pinchin, editor

Inside the speed issue...

Satanic Mill


This crazy 130bhp CBX might never have been an out and out winner in Australian Vintage Superbikes – but The Beast was always one hell of a crowd pleaser

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The Sound of Speed


Velocity is intoxicating, but when it’s combined with a noise that sounds like a portent of the world’s end, it can only be one thing – a Laverda Jota

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Caff Fiends


Cafe racers were all about thrashing from one hip hangout to another. This Rickman Trident and Maney Norton must be the coolest modern incarnations of that great British tradition.

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