April 2016

Classic Bike April 2016 issue

I well remember the stunning effect the original Kawasaki Z1 had on the bike market when it first arrived in the UK. Several of my mates had already forsaken their British bikes for the new Japanese superbikes – but the early Honda CB750s and Suzuki GT750s were quickly partexchanged for the stunning new Kawasaki, which was never surprising since it stood head and shoulders above anything on the market at that time.

At the other end of the fame scale are bikes like the humble Lynton. I vividly recall reading about Colin Lyster’s project, naively hoping it might give the other GP500 twins a good kicking – but the project was ill-fated due to lack of money and development (and the dubious wisdom of using half an Imp car engine). It’s great to finally learn the full story behind the project and see it fully restored, though.

We’ve been heartened by blues skies and sunshine in the past couple of weeks. Spring is here and there’s a mad rush here at CB to get our bikes fettled to make the most of the warm, welcoming air. Rick never stops fettling, but Stewy’s TR1, Mark’s Guzzi and my Tiger should be up and running by the time you read this. Hope to see you out on the road! 

Enjoy the issue.

Gary Pinchin, Editor  

Inside this issue...

A-Z of Zeds

Kawasaki dominated performance motorcycling in the ’70s. We ride four of the reasons why...

Record breaker reborn

When Brough bought Bert Le Vack’s 1924 world record trophy, all they needed was a bike to go with it.

Café quartet

Len Francis had a teenage dream - he wanted a real café racer like one he’d seen in his youth. It took a few years, but now built four, with another on the way...