The Classic Bike Buyer's Guide 2018

Classic Bike magazine’s fully-revised and updated Classic Bike Buyer’s Guide is the one-stop shop for anyone thinking of buying, running, restoring or simply enjoying a classic, vintage or even modern classic motorcycle.

Inside, you’ll find thoroughly updated guides to the best classic bike buys, as compiled by Classic Bike’s regular roster of experts. Each provides a thorough analysis of the history of the model, what they’re like to ride and live with, what to look for when buying one and, crucially, what to pay. Now with 100 of the best classics covered there’s something for everyone, whether you’re in the market for a £50k Vincent or a cheap and cheerful MZ.

And that’s not all. We’ve also fully updated our Events guide. There are in-depth articles on how to select the best British, Japanese and – new for this edition – Vintage machines. Plus we’ve even explored the recent rise in popularity of modern ‘retro’ bikes such as Moto Guzzi’s fabulous V7 and reborn Triumph’s brilliant Bonneville family. Our guide takes you through this ever-growing range of bikes, with hand-picked recommendations from our experts. Whatever your interest in classics, and whether your preference is for British or Japanese, relatively modern or truly vintage, this guide offers a wealth of invaluable information and indispensable knowledge. 


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Buying a Classic

Priceless details on what to look for in your next purchase

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Club directory

A world of specialist knowledge at your fingertips

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Classic Events

Satisfy your need for fresh air and classic bikes in one easy move

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